Where to? Where from?

Coming into my third trimester at SAE I have a really clear idea of what direction I want to move in. In the past two trimesters, the focus of the subject has been extremely acoustic driven, with a large emphasis on recording, mixing and producing bands and artists.

I do definitely enjoy this aspect of Audio and it is an area I am heavily thinking about moving into in my career, however it will also be good to understand electronic production. This will allow me to build tracks if, for example, a drummer’s kit is terrible sounding, or a bassist is missing from a band, etc. This leads onto learning more things about MIDI, as MIDI instruments are something I would love to be using more in my future works.

As well as this, I really look forward to increasing my speed and proficiency in the studio. In past, I have somewhat struggled with remembering all aspects of signal flow in order of which they should be done and I look forward to not only improving this in the studios I have previously used, but also learning how to correctly use the Neve studio.

To continue, my project experience outside of Uni is very minimal, however I see this as a great opportunity for me to grow my confidence in project planning to take forward into future jobs where a clear brief is required.

Overall, this Trimester is an extremely interesting one and one that I am really looking forward into getting into the nitty and gritty of. I feel like I will learn a lot from this unit and enjoy it a lot more than I have others in the past.


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