Lush Sessions Numero Uno

Lush is moving forward. From an idea, we have moved into the creation of something which will turn out great. Our first session proved that, as a group, Riley and Carter are very driven and extremely creative with their music, as well as being extremely talented. As I am largely inexperienced with music creation and am more experienced and knowledgeable in recording and producing, it has been great to learn from these two during this session and I hope I can continue to do so.

From great ideas come great work and, as a group we have proven this. As I said in my previous blog introducing our group and its focus, we are looking to create a very lo-fi, rich and ‘lush’ sound and I believe our scratch track totally and utterly shows that we are on our way to creating something awesome and are on our way to completing the goal that we set out as a group. Despite our work in the few hours we spent in the studio, we still have a fair way to go with this track and the few others that we have planned so further time is needed in the studio/s. As I am going away to Melbourne next week, this may be delayed, so hard work must be put in by us all once I return.

I’m going to talk briefly about what I learnt and am learning with this project, simply for personal reflection in the future, as well as to highlight my current knowledge of electronic music production as well as music production in general.

Coming into this course, I knew the basics of Ableton and logic as DAWs, however, this is where my knowledge ceased. I do know basic arrangement and am proficient in mixing music, however, designing a beat, bass-line and any other electronic elements I was and are currently still not totally familiar with. After this session in the MIDI studio, I have learnt how to design a beat. A basic drum-line holds a kick, snare, open hat and closed hat and I have used this knowledge to create a few basic beats of my own, one of which, we will be using to create an upcoming track. Here’s a small snapshot of it!waqbvru

Moving forward, I want to be come more comfortable with Ableton. This includes knowing more shortcuts and being able to design more beats, bass-lines and synth stuff also. Experience and exposure are how I plan to do this, so this will probably be the main DAW that I and my group uses.

Look forward to more from Lush as the weeks move forward! Check back soon!


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