Teamwork is the essence of humanity. As a species, we are considered to have a pack mentality, meaning that we all feel a primal need to be with and around others on a regular basis. As a result, every person needs to be able to work with others to achieve daily, weekly, monthly goals, etc. During my project work, teamwork has been critical to my success, as well as the success of the groups that I have been working with.

In Project 1, The Lush Collective, teamwork was made easy by the fact that we were all close friends and had a very clear idea moving forward of what we wanted to do creatively and otherwise. Heading into this project, I had very little knowledge of Electronic Music Production (EMP) or any music production at all for that matter. As a result, I relied heavily on my team Riley and Carter in this area. So as to not be a burden due to my lack of musical knowledge, I really put a lot of effort into documentation, largely completing the project plan and various other things that we needed to do as a group in order to let the others focus on the creative side of the project. As the project went along, I began to learn a lot more about music production, especially MIDI drawing  and how to use various synths etc. from Carter and Riley and as my knowledge grew, so did my ability to help more and more with the creative side of things. The end of our collaboration resulted in a great song called ‘Citrus’.

Now, moving into the second project, I am a lot more confident in helping with the creative process so have taken more on board in this area. For the second project, Nathan, Riley and myself have recorded various samples from a car, a loaf of bread as well as from a saxophone are using these to create a track. We recorded the car samples together and I recorded the bread samples at home, we have then got these together and have been working in the MIDI studio to create something awesome! As well as this, we have been collaborating using Splice. It is a cloud-based Mac and Windows program/website that allows for the integration of DAWs like Ableton to offer backups of offline and online projects, version updates and online collaboration. We have used this to easily collaborate between each other on our personal computers and have worked on some mixing at home using this platform.

Ching, Tommy and myself also started working on some stuff, however we have all been relatively busy and as a result, have not had the best success at doing anything. Because of this, I have developed a side-project of my own and have been recording a friend who has written some songs and wants to create an EP. This is going really well and various people from outside of my class have been jumping in and helping out too!



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