Project Plan Reflections

Coming into project 2, Nathan, Riley and I had a pretty clear plan of what we wanted to do, which was create 3 tracks solely using samples from a car, a loaf of bread and a cigar box guitar. As a result, we created a project plan that consisted of a relatively large scope. This project plan was written at the very beginning of the project so that we had an outline and clear idea of what direction we wanted to move in and included a scope, target audience and platform, competitors and various other details. This was the scope that was written:

“Project 2 aims to produce a three-track EP created only using samples from various everyday sources. For example, track 1 will be made using only samples recorded from a car, track 2 will be made using only samples from bread, and track 3 will be created using only cigar box guitar. The EP, titled has been allocated a four-five week turnaround, with deliverables completed no later than the 8th of December, 2017. The three tracks will take the form of the sounds we are able to produce, with percussive beats and elements as well as synthesised elements used to create each track.”

This scope, however, became unattainable as we began the recording and mixing processes. We found that the recording of car samples and bread samples took some time to plan out and as a result we had to delay the making of each track to week 9-10. Because of this, we have needed to adjust our scope to include only 1 completed track as the final project. As this may not be enough evidence to show substantial work for project 2, we will also be releasing a sample pack of all the samples recorded during that process, and releasing these to the public.

Overall, we probably aimed to have to much done originally for the timeframe that we had, as well as for the side projects that each member of the group has been working on. At the beginning, we should of evaluated individual work in order to create an accurate original plan. This was not the case however, and we have adjusted fairly well to meet the timeframe and will have a great project completed on time.

This was the same thing that happened in Project 1. We had originally set out to do 3 tracks, however as time went on we became unable to do so and instead focused hard on creating a single masterpiece, which was achieved. You can view the project plan for Project 1 here to see that this is the case. The scope for the first project stated the names of 3 tracks that would be created, Citrus, Ramen Rampage and Fluid Rush and also showed that these tracks would include elements of synth-wave, chill-hop and psychedelic rock. Although we kept to the scope of what genres we wanted to use, we did not have time to complete 3 tracks as stated above. We did begin working on a second and third track however made the executive decision to not finish them for the first project as each song would probably be subpar.

For next time, I will aim to have a project plan that accurately depicts the capabilities of myself or my group. To do so, it is probably a good idea to analyse the skillset of each group member going into the project and outlining a set process of what each person will be doing and from here, set a or multiple deadlines to meet these requirements. It is probably also a good idea to set the scope to a lower level of expectation. This allows for area to improve, rather than having to decrease the size of the scope. It makes it look like more effort has been put in.

Overall, the project plans that I and my group create could be more concise and better thought out, however overall we have adjusted each time according to what needs to be done, what changes and what is lacking.

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