Thinking Bee, A Post-Mortem Look

This blog will reflect on the Project, Thinking Bee and the production of our first track, ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’ and sample pack. A reflection on the group dynamic, project deliverables and various other project elements will be analysed and discussed in order to look at distance travelled within this project as well as to establish the finished product.

Thinking Bee was comprised Nathan Clements, Riley Guerin and myself (Connor Arthur) and was formed due to our personal friendships and similar musical tastes. As a group we decided that we wanted to increase the scope of this project compared to the original projects each of us worked on and wanted to create 3 tracks using samples recorded only from a car, bread and a cigar box guitar. As the project moved we were forced to downsize this scope a minor amount due to time constraints. As a result, we ended up publishing a single track, using samples recorded from a car, a loaf of bread and a single saxophone note. Here’s the track:

We used samples recorded from each sound source to create various elements of the track. For example, the drum-line is created using a Drum Rack in Ableton programmed with claps, kicks and snare sounds recorded and then edited from the car and loaf of bread. Our synthesised elements are made using the car horn as well as the single saxophone note. The saxophone is also used to create our bass-line, etc.

There are some tracks that have similar creative aspects. For example, this creation from Diego Stocco is created using only samples recorded from a tree.

This track from Julian Smith is created using only samples from a car.

These projects are very similar in scope to ours, as we originally wanted to use only individual sound sources to create 3 tracks, however we were successful in creating 1 track using only samples from the selected objects.

Overall, I believe the project was a massive success. Although we decreased the scope of our project, our work was still of a high quality. We met the required brief and created great work!



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