Mastering in the Audient 8024

Today, I went with Riley into one of our studios, the Audient 8024 (pictured);



to try and mix and then master a couple of his tracks. The wonderful Akshay Kalawar came along and has now taught us how to master said tracks through the desk. These photos and videos below explain the process that was used and how we patched it all to get it working.

This image is of the patch bay in the 8024 studio. This specific image shows how we routed everything specifically.

First off, we routed the original, clean mixed version of the song into the Pro Tool. From there, we grabbed this signal and put it into the SPL EQ straight from the DAW. Then, we put the signal back onto the desk master and compressed it. After this, we routed the signal back into Pro Tool where we set up a master chain of plugins including an EQ, saturator and limiter. This was routed to a print track via channels 31 & 32, which where then taken and put onto tape 1 on the desk so playback was possible without a loop! My video and the photos do explain this a little better.

I’ve also included some short examples of before and after the mastering process for both tracks:

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