Trimester 5, An Introduction

Last week saw me start the last leg of my journey in my Bachelor of Audio at SAE. I’m super keen to keep on learning and continue my journey here, and as a qualified professional in the future. So here is a brief introduction to my activity over the past month or so, as well as my aims and goals for this upcoming trimester!

I had a great break, went to Hawaii in what is now my third overseas adventure! I spent two weeks on the beautiful island of Kauai and am now super refreshed and ready to fully jump into this trimester!

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Havin fun in hawaii. So nice to chill

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Looking back on last trimester, I had the pleasure of learning many things from a great number of incredible people, including post-production, music production, advanced mixing and several other important components and required knowledge of someone hoping to break into the industry. As my studies continue, not only do I hope to continue to improve on these sectors, I hope to learn many other skills too, which brings me to the up and coming tri!

In the next few months I’ll be learning several things, including mastering, mixing in 5.1 surround sound and various other things, both self-directed and directed by my tutors. I have chosen to take on various projects this tri, as well as decided on several things I will be doing for my major project and completion of my course. This trimester, I’ll be recording an EP with an artist and friend of mine, as well as working alongside a graphic designer to bring her a proper EP, fully ready for online release, publication and promotion. I’ll also be doing several other small projects, including a small personal EP, as well as several small jingles/promos for companies that interest me, as a way to have some content and portfolio material for future jobs I wish to apply for. I am also considering completing air-check to use in applications for jobs at radio stations.

Overall, I’m looking forward to heaps of new opportunities that may come along for me and am going to avidly seek out and search for new experiences to both hone my skills, as well as to enjoy!

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy my upcoming work!

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