Weeks 1 & 2, A Reflection

The first two weeks of this Trimester have been hectic! Lots of planning and liaising has been necessary to get projects up and running and on the way and I have already learnt so much from some wonderful people!

First off I’m gonna quickly summarise the first week this Tri. Mostly I just focused on getting back into a good routine and maintaining a good work ethic which has been fun. CIU (Creative Industry Unit [I think]) was super cool to get back into. Riley and I are going to be creating all audio assets for a five or so minute short film with a few film students. The film is going to be heavily influenced by ’10 Cloverfield Lane’, with a couple of main characters in their house as the majority of the short film. I won’t go into the plot too much because I don’t want to ruin the surprise once its done, but I assure you it will be great. I also got an introduction into what’s going to be happening this Tri with audio! Some of the main focuses will be mastering, 5.1 surround sound mixing, mixing in general and various other awesome skills that we’ll be either revisiting from past trimesters, or covering in greater depth. I’ve also decided on a variety of projects to complete this trimester! I’ve gone into a little more depth of those in this blog, so go check it out for some more info!

That just about does it for week one, so onto week 2! This week I began the planning of my projects with Zoe and Wyatt. We all began to lay out and develop a schedule and designated several roles for each of us in order to keep workflow consistent as we progress in the trimester. Our aim for this week was to begin all of our pre-production documents. Including defining our roles, creating a schedule, plan our case studies and research and begin the planning of our session plans, including timelines, microphones, setups, etc. We were successful in achieving most of this and are now fully moving onto completing all of these documents as well as beginning to schedule bookings for the artist etc. This week also included several lectures from guests about copyright and also resume and cover letter creation. Surprisingly, I enjoyed both lectures immensely and actually learnt a lot of valuable information about several things. In the copyright lecture I learnt about using copyrighted material, making money from copyrighted material, what copyright I will own in recording sessions and various other things. The lecture about my future internship and work placement really inspired me to begin looking for some jobs and work in the field before graduating!

That about sums up my first two weeks back! So far it’s been really intense and is only going to get harder from here! Thanks for reading!

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