Introduction to Project – 5 Track Ep

This trimester I will be working on a project under the group ‘Team Bedlam’, which includes members; Zoe Stewart, Wyatt Nicholls and myself (Connor Arthur). We will be recording, mixing and mastering a five-track EP with the artist Monique Dombrowski, also known as MTea. This project will also outsource several other professionals, including Riley Guerin as mastering engineer and Joshua Marshall as promotional material creator and artist artwork designer. As such, this project will also involve the creation of interdisciplinary works including album art, artist logos and the possibility of a photoshoot in order to create promotional material.

In its current state, the project is now underway and in its early stages of creation. All pre-production documents are completed or very near completed. The artist is on-board and in the process of refining her works for recording. The designer is briefed and on-board with the project and is in early production stages.

Specifically, this project will include five tracks, each named and positioned in the EP in the following order:

  1. Untitled Track (Work in Progress)
  2. Complexions of Affection
  3. Strong & Fragile
  4. Strangers Grown Apart
  5. Guilt

Each track will include several instruments, including:

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Keys

These will be the main elements of each or some tracks as the artists style and vision include these elements as central to her EP. However, as she is a solo act, she has opened the project up to creative input from Team Bedlam and has specified that she would not mind several elements to be included in the post-production stage, including;

  • Drums
  • Synths
  • Strings
  • Any other elements we decide on

As a result, we aim to complete all recordings by the end of week 6 in order to provide ourselves with a large enough time-frame to incorporate our own creative influence and elements into the tracks and to appropriately mix and master each track.

Monique has also provided us with several reference tracks in order to guide us in our creative and technical processes. She has identified three songs and elements from each that she wishes to be included in her tracks. These include:

Cherry Wine (live) by Hozier

She identified the guitar tones and presence as her main loves of this song and it would be great to be able to achieve this. To do so, we will need to heavily research recording and mixing techniques as the guitar will be the driving force behind the lyrics. Monique also identified the ‘live sound’ vibe and vocal vibe as interesting to her and something she would like in the final product.

Youth (Acoustic Version) by Daughter

Having recorded a cover of this song before, the artist identified that this specific version of this song has heavily influenced her and her style of music. She has identified that her voice sounds uncannily similar to the voice in this reference track and would like similar processing if possible.

Always Everything by Scott Orr

Monique also chose Always Everything by Scott Orr as a track she would like us to draw influence from.

“The way it makes me feel and the vibe it gives off”

is something she has told me in our meetings and she would like us to be able to recreate this if possible.

To conclude this blog, I’d like to give you a small insight into this artist and what the project may turn out to be like. Here are several tracks she has already appeared in and covered under the handle M.D. Have a listen!



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