Interdisciplinary Work

I’m currently working on a 5-track EP with an artist named MTea. I’ve done an extensive blog on the topic here, so check that out if you’re interested! I also briefly mentioned in this blog that I will be working with a design student to bring the artist several design pieces for the release of her EP.

I have been in contact with a design student, Josh in order to bring these elements to the artist and to great success. He is currently in the early stages of design and production, however he has a deadline for when my group/the artist will need the work. We have been corresponding back and forth over the last few weeks to organise this, so take a look at some of our emails and communication.

Screenshot at Jun 28 14-20-55Screenshot at Jun 28 14-21-58

Talking and working with people working in other media sectors in order to create the best product possible is extremely important in creative media. A film isn’t going to only use sound recorded on location. Specific sound guys will look after this in order to create the best product possible. Likewise, Team Bedlam and MTea want to create the best possible release of her EP and having elements like a logo, album cover, media banners and posters are important in the success of her and our product.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!


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