Life & Minor Project Update

I’m currently completing my 5th and second last trimester at SAE and as such, am currently undertaking a number of projects in order to facilitate my learning and provide portfolio work for myself.

As it currently stands, I have been working on several projects including 2 major projects and 3 minor projects. They are as follows:


  • 5 Track EP with artist MTea (Monique Dombroswki) in the group ‘Team Bedlam’ consisting of Zoe Stewart, Wyatt Nicholls and myself
  • A 30 second sound replacement of a short clip



  • An Aircheck
  • 5 Short Radio Promos

As it stands, I have currently fully completed my aircheck! It is a short, 1 minute clip made in order to provide a snapshot of me when applying for jobs in the radio industry. Have a listen to it!:

As one of my minor projects, I hope to have now ticked off 34% of my required project and overall work completion rate as outlined in the scale management tool. This tool has enabled me to gain an overall view of the percantage of work I will be putting into this trimester. Here is the scale of the aircheck project:

Screenshot at Jul 03 10-57-53

Overall, I am happy with the outcome of this project. However, I do believe there is room for further improvement either in a future aircheck or with this one. I believe sticking to a script worked really well for me, as I wasn’t scrambling to come up with things to say during the recording of dialogue stage.  This will hopefully translate well into possible on-air talent jobs, with script writing and reading being important, as most radio segments are pre-recorded. I also found that trying to be very natural, although reading off a script was helpful. At the end of the day, the audience is going to be bored if it just sounds like the presenter they are hearing is just reading things from a page, so a natural tone of voice is important.

I also feel like there is room for significant improvement. Overall, the aircheck still doesn’t feel fully professional. My voice doesn’t quite sound of radio quality in my own opinion and I don’t believe I’ve completely balanced the mix of audio and dialogue properly. The dialogue aspect of this may come down to the fact that I wasn’t using the greatest microphone, which was another thing that needs improvement. I would also like to extend the aircheck in the future. As it currently stands, it is rather short and so giving potential employers a better snapshot of my personality, voice and talent for talking on air is vital if I want to land a job.

Thanks for reading!


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