MTea – Complexions of Affection Reflection

Over the past few months I’ve been working alongside artist MTea with Zoe Stewart & Wyatt Nicholls to create a 4 track EP of all original songs. This process has included recording, mixing, mastering and liaising with the artist to provide her with a fully releasable EP ready for any streaming service desired for publishing. As of now, we currently have delivered all of the final tracks to her and are quite happy with the mixes overall!

I personally mixed both Complexions of Affection and Strong and Fragile. I had a lot of fun mixing these tracks and learnt a lot overall. I think there’s a few things I could improve on, especially getting the right guitar tones and fixing up a few more notes especially on the guitar in Complexions of Affection, considering the guitar was out of tune. I did learn a lot about vocal processing however, and spent about 5 hours mixing the vocals in Strong and Fragile.

If I could go back and redo something I’d love to add some more elements to each track. I think they could both use some string or drums or something just extra to help the songs build and flow a little better.

As of this moment, the artist has posted a single track on SoundCloud in order to gain a little bit of hype and traction for her track, before a release on several streaming platforms including SoundCloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and Apple Music, so here it is! I would show the rest of the songs but you’ll have to wait till release next week!

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