REVIEW: Chunky Shrapnel – Film

photo credit: Jamie Wdziekonski

Chunky Shrapnel: The Film, saw the beloved King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard enter our mind fuzz in a way they haven’t done before; through the magic of F I L M.

Seriously, imagine your typical Gizz concert, loud, hot, sweaty and fucking awesome, then put yourself on stage, thrashing along with the boys, experiencing what they are… And then, imagine they’re playing their best songs to the absolute best of their ability live… that’s Chunky Shrapnel and wo/man, it’s the best.

The film goes for approximately an hour and a half and features not only some new tracks, but some of their best and most well-known, performed live in their greatest shows to date. Spanning the film we saw a brilliant take of The River, the best version of Road Train I’ve heard, my personal favourite guitar riff of all time in Hell, you know the one I’m talking about, and heapppsss more.

All these tracks mostly come from their overseas 2019 tours. Ally Pally (London), Brussels,  Madrid and Utrecht all make appearances and show not only some of the band’s largest audiences, but some of their best performances too.

Stu flicks from metal, throat-singing wonder-boy to flute-tastic, lullaby toting genius throughout the film… and it works — wonderfully.

The filmmakers do a wonderful job of transitioning from track to track, each song blending together in the same way their studio albums do, but right in front of my bloody eyes. We get a unique view of the band that not many have had the luck of experiencing. Behind the scenes, off-the stage,  as themselves. It’s obvious they’re just some mates from Anglesea, who can make music, very well, and pretty much have a cult following. That’s them.

I can’t get enough, yeah, I watched it like 4 times and it was only out 24 hours. If you can somehow put your hands on it, it’s well-worth the watch and an absolute banger of a band film. Or, wait until it, hopefully one day, comes out on Blu Ray or some shit, idk, it’s good though.

Can’t wait for them to drop the album, I’ll probably be back to talk about Chunky more when it’s out. Can’t wait to really get into the nitty gritty of those new tracks, and the live takes of some of my faves.

Connor out.

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