Shades’ 10 Sunday Selections

Hey! I’m back and I’m starting a writing, blog extraordinaire series. I love talking about music and I don’t care if you do or don’t agree with what I say, but each week I’m gonna keep a playlist updated with my top 10 songs of the week! Then, I’m gonna write a blog explaining what I like about the top 5, coz I can, and as I said, I like to talk about this shit. Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook post if you want to tell me to listen something. I’m always open to check shit out.

Without further ado, here’s this weeks top 10! Kick back and take a listen and read through my thoughts, if you want, or just listen, or just read?


  1. Anamnesis – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    This track is a part of the new album they put out recently. Whilst the ablum as a whole doesn’t stand out to me without the film (admittedly some tracks are great, just not all), I genuinely am in love with this track. It’s a spacious, luscious, beautiful track. Honestly it’s the most different King Gizz thing to date, no drums, very bright and gentle, but it still sounds like Gizz? I’m not sure how they do it. I don’t know who wrote it, or who plays the flute and whatever synths and instruments are in here. But they fit together in a dreamy, trance-state inducing wonder track that I am really loving right now!

  2. Straightfaced – Spacey Jane
    In another great display of lyricism from the spaceys, ‘Straightfaced’ sets a freakin’ awesome precedent from their upcoming album ‘Sunlight’. Straightfaced is a soulful, thought-provoking song that is very likened to ‘Itch’ from Hockey Dad and I actually think it might be better. The band is very much improving on their previous tracks, if that’s even possible and continue to showcase that a bad Spacey’s song has never been written, sung or played. Can they do no wrong? One of the big reason’s I’ve been into them this week is just that they’re so awesome? I’ve honestly come across no other band in my time of following bands that has been as interactive with their fans. Honestly, who play’s mario kart and some songs with their fans on a Saturday night during iso? Spacey Jane, that’s who.

  3. Valium – NO CIGAR
    I honestly don’t know much about this band other than they are from New Zealand and have only released two tracks. The first, ‘Ticket to Space’ was a gentle rock tune with some slow parts, some fast parts and it overall sounded like this band had been going at it for some time, and maybe they have, but it was their first release and I loved it. Now, they dropped Valium on me and it follows the same route as their last, being an absolute BANGER. The lead singer’s voice is sort of a cross between Wil Wagner’s (but good) and Dylan Frost’s from STIFI. This is a love song, the guitars are soft, then soulful and warm, setting a semi-melancholic, reminiscent feeling that fits so well. It’s mixed beautifully and the drums sit so perfectly in the mix, then THE HORNS COME IN!!!!!!! AND THEY’RE SO GOOD! AND FIT SO WELL! Can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys. I want to KNOW YOU!

  4. Neighbourhood – Bugs
    I started listening to these guys after they made Mallrat’s ‘Charlie’ into a rock ballad and nailed it. It turn’s out, their other stuff rocks too. Partnering very clever writing with upbeat, driving guitars and a poppy beat, ‘Neighbourhood’ is super fun and reminds me a bit of some Thirsty Merc stuff my dad and I would listen to when driving to the beach as a kid. Aussie pop/punk at it’s best, these guys are definitely up and coming in Australia and I can’t wait to check them out live when the rona fucks off.

  5. Future Me Hates Me – The Beths
    Another New Zealand band I somehow only found yesterday??? It’s safe to say I’m already in love with them. Their indie pop/rock feel works sooooo well with the lead singer’s voice and simple progression. Carefree and very… nice, I’m instantly taken back to that ‘bad idea! song by a girl in red and basically all of Fazerdaze’s stuff (hey more New Zealanders). I’m definitely gonna be listening to these guys almost religiously this week and I can’t wait.

  6. Second – Hope D
  7. Kicked – Beddy Rays
  8. In This State – Hockey Dad
  9. Smile – Winston Surfshirt
  10. Charlie (triple j like-a-version) – Bugs

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.



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