MTea – Complexions of Affection Reflection

Over the past few months I've been working alongside artist MTea with Zoe Stewart & Wyatt Nicholls to create a 4 track EP of all original songs. This process has included recording, mixing, mastering and liaising with the artist to provide her with a fully releasable EP ready for any streaming service desired for publishing. [...]

Repairing Audio

Repairing audio is a vital part of getting anything to sound good. At the end of the day, stuff goes wrong and knowing tools that are available to fix these problems can be vital to fixing problems that arise. Some of the tools that I know I can utilise include iZotope's RX bundle for fixing [...]

Comparison to Industry Standards

As part of my project work this trimester I have been working on a 4 track EP with artist MTea. I've talked a lot about this in previous blogs so please check those out for more info on the project as a whole! In this blog, I will be comparing my mix and master of [...]


Mastering is such an important tool and process in the creation of music and a product that is worthy of the masses and it has been an incredible experience to learn this skill from some of the 'best in the biz' over the last few months. I have had the fortunate experience of mastering a [...]

Recent Studio Time, A Reflection

In the last couple of weeks Zoe, Wyatt and I have been working hard recording our artist in order to get a completed product worthy of professional release, our portfolios and our end of tri projects. We have learnt a number of value life lessons and improved on some hard and soft skills over the [...]

Project Budgets

As a benefit of studying at SAE, I have had access to some amazing equipment and some incredible studios that I have utilised to great potential when and wherever possible. With the current EP I'm working on, the equipment we have used has been pretty extensive, so I'm going to take a quick look into [...]