Alt-Rock Analysis

Alternative Rock is a large sub-genre of rock & roll that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s as an 'alternative' version of the classic rock genre that was previously popular. The term's meaning is quite broad, consisting of music that differs in region to sound to social context, however, at a broad level,... Continue Reading →

Being featured in Advertisements!

Recently I have had the honour of having tracks featured in several advertisements, the most significant of these being an ad for a recent AR installation in the Melbourne Central Mall that was featured on their Facebook page! The ad featured Riley, Carter and my track from our Lush project and gained a total of... Continue Reading →

Lo-Fi Analysis

  Music can communicate an idea or feeling that words simply cannot. A guitar riff, a synth melody, a bass drop can communicate feeling that words and talking cannot. Music makes people feel things and music unites masses who feel similarly. It has, since the beginning of time, been a way to communicate, to pass... Continue Reading →

Filtering & Band-Pass Filtering

Filtering is the process of taking out and/or boosting frequencies, often done via the use of an Equaliser or EQ. Filtering's purpose is in the name, with the target of applying one to a track to take out specific frequencies. Some general filters include high-pass, which cuts off frequencies below a certain level and is... Continue Reading →

Stereo Micing and Mid-Side (MS)

When most people think of studio recordings, a simple recording with a microphone in front of a sound source usually comes to mind. A single microphone in front of a guitar, or in front of a vocalist recording their sound to later produce. However, this is not always the case. Stereo recording is also a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Studio Roundup 09/03/18

With the deadline of a sound replacement task slowly creeping up, my group, the Tragically Discarded Little Dreamboats and I decided to head into the Neve studio to work on someĀ Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) to replace the vocals of our chosen scene. Overall we have decided to replace all sounds from a 2 and a... Continue Reading →

2018, an Introduction

At the start of my second year at SAE we will be focusing on Sound replacement, post-production and live sound as general themes for the trimester. In this blog I'll sort of delve into what I expect to learn and what I want to gain from these subjects, as well as aim to somewhat outline... Continue Reading →

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