Short Film – The Inside World

I currently can’t upload any footage due to wanting to enter festivals and various other things, but I have been working on a short film named ‘The Inside World’ for just over a year now.

It started out as work on my final project and has turned out into an ongoing project that I’ve really enjoyed!

During my time working on the film, I have had several roles and jobs including;

  • Location Recorder and Boom Operator (On set recording of dialogue and various SFX and Foley
  • Lead Foley designer (Designing, recording and mixing in all Foley into the film)
  • Lead Mixer (Mixing of all movie elements including music, dialogue and SFX)
  • Composer (Aided in the process of scoring the film)
  • Mastering Engineer (Mastering the film to appropriate listening levels)

I hope you enjoy these stills from the film, and one day get to watch it!

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