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Today began the second lesson of my third trimester at SAE Institute Brisbane. In class we established groups and outlined the work we are looking to do for the first project of AUD210.

My group, established as the ‘Lush’ collective; and consisting of Riley Guerin, Carter Kraaijmaat and myself, have been tasked with creating a simple musical sequence. For this project, we are required to use a mixture of pre made sound assets or presets and custom made sound assets which are either recorded or created digitally from scratch and then use these to achieve the final sound palette.

To successfully achieve the brief, we plan on creating a track with a psytrance, wave kind of feel. We believe that with a collection of instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and synths we will be able to portray the chilled out vibe we are going for, with potential to use other percussive and instrumental elements once we establish a main track to add to the track. As a group, we also decided that, if time and work flow allows, we would love to create more tracks with very similar elements.

To portray the kind of music we are looking to create, a number of reference tracks were gathered. These reference tracks are currently only targeted for the creation of the first track as others might not be made.

For the guitar element of the track, we found that a recent ‘Tyler the Creator’ song called ‘Garden Shed’ was aligned with what we want to do. The slow melody and ping-ponging audio fits what we feel like our track should be and are looking to create something similar in terms of the guitar.

It took a little longer for us to decide on the kind of bass we wanted when creating the track, however, we decided that the overall feel of the track should be very warm and almost ‘inviting’ yet still very chilled. To achieve this we wanted the bass to be slow-stabbing, but still a massive part of the track. Home – Decay achieved the mark for us in terms of how we wanted our bass to somewhat sound.

The last but not least reference track we currently have is called ‘the feeling i get when i’m with you’ by glitch boy. This track’s lo-fi, hip-hop sounding drums are exactly what we are looking for in our production and are using this track as a reference as a result.

Overall I’m looking forward to this Trimester. I think our project has a lot of potential and we are a very driven group that are going to get in and get this done to an extremely high standard.


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